Modern fight – the foundation of conflict, attack, and prevention

We will host an event named “The foundation of conflict, prevention, and attack” as part of the Modern Fight training that we teach and improve.

The seminar will teach and introduce participants to conflict situations, as well as how to successfully decrease the danger to which they may be exposed and how to act (attack) to resolve them.
The given and planned circumstances from everyday life, such as the street, school, job, stores, gates, buildings, public transportation, and so on, will be intensively covered when the theoretical work is completed.

Participants will be able to present circumstances in which they have found themselves, which we will then explore and practice solving. The seminar will be adapted to everyone, and the techniques will be applicable to those who train various sports, skills, or everyday residents, therefore no prior Ninjutsu experience is required.

1:30PM – 2PM: Registration and preparation for training
2PM – 4PM: First training
4PM – 4:30PM: Break
4:30PM – 7PM: Second training

Required equipment:
It is advisable to wear something that you will be wearing for the majority of the time and that you can comfortably move around in (sweatshirt, jeans, military pants, kimono, etc.). Because we are on Tatami, we will train with socks on our feet. It is not aceptable to exercise in sneakers or shoes!

Other equipment:
Items to bring with you (belt, extra T-shirt, bag, training knife, plastic bottle, etc.). The use of real weapons is strictly prohibited!

Payment is upon arrival at the event.
Please register for the training through the Event or by sending a message. There is a chance that the event will be canceled if at least ten people do not show up.


22 05 2021


1:30 PM - 7:00 PM



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